About Us

PASI provides field mapping, grid sampling, in-house laboratory analysis, data processing and report preparations for growers in the Mid-South.

Our sampling methods provide the best sample quality available. Each soil core is extracted to a uniform and specific 9” depth in order to evaluate the majority of the secondary root zone for most agronomic crops.

Quality is our primary goal at PASI.

We use

  • Precise GPS mapping using ATV’s to provide field boundaries of cultivated acres only which exclude all ditches, turn rows, pivot pads and island of trees within field boundaries.

  • Strict quality control protocols in our sample plan preparation insuring site
    distribution which best represent the field area.

  • Grid intensity guidelines that are specific to the growers needs.

  • Exacting sampling methods to ensure a consistent sample collection depth which yields significant sample quality.

  • Sample processing methods which provide relevant and replicable data.

  • State of the art instrumentation.

  • Geographic Information Software (GIS) for producing visually striking report maps of the soil test data as well suggested lime and fertilizer recommendations.

  • Prescription preparation software which produces Rx prescription files for all major implement controllers.

  • Prescription preparation methods which allows the grower to specify crop and yield goals on a field by field basis and combine like fields into a single application Rx file.

Our recommendations are based on science and are not driven by fertilizer and limestone sales.



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